You are gonna be sorry

You are gonna be sorry once you find out
That there’s no one left and now you’re all alone.
When they came for me, you just stepped aside.
You never thought they might be coming for you,
But now you’re day has come.

Still, you can’t believe that you’re in this mess;
It was a capital failure of common sense.
You had the loudest voice that anyone had ever heard, but—you never listen.
No, you never listen.

Stop thinking that you’re innocent.
All your lies—they add up to a weak defense.
And your methods? Oh, your methods, well—they were completely outta line.
And now a change is gonna come,

Somebody’s gonna have to pay for what you’ve done.
Don’t look at me you fool, ‘cuz I ain’t the one.
No, I’m tired of payin’ for the things that you do.
You don’t pay for me. So I ain’t payin’ for you.
Uh uh—not anymore.

I want my money back ‘cuz I ain’t satisfied with you.
I want my money back ‘cuz I still gotta lotta things I wanna do.
I want my money back ‘cuz I got my eyes on a new pair of shoes that I’m prob’ly gonna need once I leave this town.
I want my money back ‘cuz I don’t like the way that you been throwin’ it around.
I want my money back ‘cuz there ain’t nothing here that’s free.