There He Goes

There he goes.
That’s my here.
He’s not like all the other boys—just look at the size of those guns.

He wears’em so well, the way they just cling to his hips.
They don’t even move when he walks.
It’s like he was just born that way.

He steps to the left.
He steps to the right.
Nobody dances like my hero.

That’s 354/1000 of an inch.
Now, I some people think size don’t matter but, ooh—I disagree.

Like cupid on Valentine’s Day—
My hero—he’s cocked and loaded.
I’m all fired up, but it’s not me that he’s after.

He steps to the left.
He steps to the right.
Nobody dances like my hero.

I just wanna hold onto his gun.
Oh, I’ll hold onto it as tight as I can.
I’ll never let it go.
I’ll hold onto it with both my hands.

I can’t get him off of my mind, no matter how hard I try.
I can still remember the first time that I laid eyes on him just like it was yesterday.

It was the most tremendous thing that I ever saw,
The way he moved from side to side.
Rounding people up that were a danger to us—made’m all disappear.
Now they’re completely outta sight.

What’s that sound?
Oh, that’s boots on the ground.
Genuine leather soles, from heel-to-toe—
My hero—he’s always in style.

Well-oiled and clean, he’s a perfect machine.
Nobody shoots straighter than my hero.
There he goes—my knight in shining armor—out gettin’ his hands dirty.

You best hope he ain’t comin’ for you.
Once he’s made up his mind, there’s nothing you can do.
Don’t try to hide; he knows where to find you.
It’s just a matter of time; he moves so fast.