It’s not you they’re afraid of

There will come a time when you need to know what you are made of.
And there will come a time when you just gotta let go of all the things you are afraid of.

I heard the news today, but—I’m not gonna let if get me down. Not anymore.
‘Cuz from now on, I’m not gonna let anyone—or anything—stand in my way.
I’m gonna keep my eyes wide open and hold my hands up high into the air.
I wanna be ready when that good thing comes along.

When you turn on that heart of yours, there’s nothing that I won’t do.
If they come and try to take you, well—they’re gonna have to take me, too.

We gotta shine just a little bit brighter—that’ll make it easier for us to find each other on those dark days.
We gotta work just a little bit harder, so—go a head—roll up your sleeves and grab onto your bootstraps.
We gotta dream like we have never dreamt before and when we wake up—this’ll be a better place for you and me.

Maybe I should’a found the lord instead—goddamn if I didn’t try.
If we come out like lovers, maybe they’ll come out like lovers, too.

Now I don’t know where it is that you come from, how you got here, what you think about anything, or what you believe in—it doesn’t matter.
All I know is that wherever it is that you are—right now—at this very moment, well, that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be—there’s just no way around it.
Yeah, I know that right-here right-now may not be where you really wanna be, but we’ve been here before, so—let’s not be naive.
Maybe we gotta fall down every once in a while—that way we don’t forget what it’s like to have to pull ourselves back up.
I don’t know—I’m just thinking out loud here.

Don’t be surprised if—at first—people think that you are dangerous; it’s not you they’re afraid of.
You move so fast—you’re outta sight—they don’t even know where to find you.
Don’t worry—there’s no need to hide.
They’ll never think to look for you—right here—in the warm light.
Everything is gonna be all right in the warm light.