From now on

Could it be that what you really need is just a pat on the back?
Well, OK, nice job—way to go.

Or maybe you’re just feeling a little left out?
Oh, well—there’s no way that we could’ve done any of this without you.

So from now on, I promise to say only those things that you really wanna to hear.
I’ll keep sayin’m over- and-over again.
Don’t worry, nah—don’t worry.
I always say the right thing.

Be careful who you are listening to ‘cuz there’s a whole lotta awful people out there claimin’ to have the answers.
They are just a shoutin’ at you.
They’re just a shoutin’ at me, too.
They’re even shoutin’ at each other—it’s a mess.
Anyway—I don’t know, but—I think most of’em are just a bunch of liars; just a bunch of little liars.

As far as I can tell, it looks like they are tryin’ to keep us from that good thing that we’ve been workin’ on.
You know what I’m talkin’ about, right?
They don’t want me gettin’ with you, or—you gettin’ with me too.
We might be dangerous—what do you think about that?

One-by-one and bit-by-little-bit, they will keep comin’ after us until there is no one left.
But it won’t matter, no—it won’t really, really matter because—
You will never run out of all the love that fills you precious little hearts.
I’ll keep saying it over-and-over again, don’t worry.
I’ll be standing right there next to you.
That’s right—I’m on your side.
Don’t you worry, nah—don’t worry.
I will always be on your side.