Fool’s Speed

How much can you take and still keep coming back for more?
Each time, it wears you down, but you are so much stronger than you look.
This may come as a surprise—maybe even make you feel better.
After all those twists and turns, you never lost your grace.

Lay down in the warm light and wash the anger away.
You better rest your head—while you can.
It may not be as sweet as the last time around.

Now at least you can be sure, there’ve been darker days than this.
Been down as far as a man can go; don’t forget how small you are.
There were never promises—everyone gets what they deserve.
At best there might be half-a-chance so you’ll wanna roll up your sleeves.

You been runnin’ at a fool’s speed for so much longer than you should.
It won’t even get you anywhere that you haven’t already been.
You’re not one to take advice, but you might wanna slow down—before it’s too late.

You gotta make yourself useful if you really wanna call this place home.
It’s not enough just hangin’ around—you’ll find that nothing here is free.
You’ll have to shoulder the weight and work those fingers to the bone.
It doesn’t mean that you won’t break down again—you’re so good at falling apart.

Now lay down.
You better rest your head.