There He Goes

There he goes.
That’s my here.
He’s not like all the other boys—just look at the size of those guns.

He wears’em so well, the way they just cling to his hips.
They don’t even move when he walks.
It’s like he was just born that way.

He steps to the left.
He steps to the right.
Nobody dances like my hero.

That’s 354/1000 of an inch.
Now, I some people think size don’t matter but, ooh—I disagree.

Like cupid on Valentine’s Day—
My hero—he’s cocked and loaded.
I’m all fired up, but it’s not me that he’s after.

He steps to the left.
He steps to the right.
Nobody dances like my hero.

I just wanna hold onto his gun.
Oh, I’ll hold onto it as tight as I can.
I’ll never let it go.
I’ll hold onto it with both my hands.

I can’t get him off of my mind, no matter how hard I try.
I can still remember the first time that I laid eyes on him just like it was yesterday.

It was the most tremendous thing that I ever saw,
The way he moved from side to side.
Rounding people up that were a danger to us—made’m all disappear.
Now they’re completely outta sight.

What’s that sound?
Oh, that’s boots on the ground.
Genuine leather soles, from heel-to-toe—
My hero—he’s always in style.

Well-oiled and clean, he’s a perfect machine.
Nobody shoots straighter than my hero.
There he goes—my knight in shining armor—out gettin’ his hands dirty.

You best hope he ain’t comin’ for you.
Once he’s made up his mind, there’s nothing you can do.
Don’t try to hide; he knows where to find you.
It’s just a matter of time; he moves so fast.

Back In Time

If I could go back in time to that moment that I lost you
And stop myself from sayin’ all the wrong things—
You know I’d prob’ly just fuck that up, too.

I remember trying not to laugh every time that you got mad.
I didn’t know that you weren’t trying to funny—
Oh, how did I not know?

I’ve had more than my fair share of second chances with you.
I should’a known better than to go thinkin’ that you’d give me one more.

I was so good at playin’ the fool.
You once said that I was the best.
Well, I’ll get by just fine on my own—I know how to keep myself company.

This is my way of lettin’ you know—I’m really tryin’ to let you go.
You never made anything easy for me.
I don’t know why I’m here tryin’ to make things easy for you
When no one’ll ever get to hear my side of the story.
So—go on—say what you want. You can even make me out to be the bad guy if it makes you feel better.

From now on, I will stop and count to ten before I say what’s on my mind.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!
Been beatin’ myself up till I’m all black and blue.
Those colors?—they suit me pretty well.
Now I get the message loud and clear: I don’t need to leave a light on.


Just because bones can be broken up into tiny little pieces,
It doesn’t mean that we have to fall apart.
With a little time and all your strength, my friend—
The pieces will fit back together again.

No one can ever really know what they are made of
Until they have to carry more than they were made to bear.
You made it look so easy, my friend—
In the way that you shouldered the weight.

Why would anybody ever wanna wake up?
Wake up, wake up, wake up!
Why would anybody ever wanna wake up?
Wouldn’t you rather be dreaming, dreaming, dreaming?
Oh, well I’d rather be dreaming.
Right now, I’m dreaming of a better place for you and me.
It’s a beautiful place.
It’s a place where nothing ever happens,
Because, out there—something always happens.
Somethings always has to happen out there.
So don’t you wake me if I am dreaming.
Let me sleep a little more.

Just like that, the seasons—they come-and-go
And do their best to shake up the roots of the family tree.
It’ll take more than the wind and the rain, my friend—
To knock you down and keep you from ever gettin’ back up again.

Last of the Lights

Fool’s Speed

How much can you take and still keep coming back for more?
Each time, it wears you down, but you are so much stronger than you look.
This may come as a surprise—maybe even make you feel better.
After all those twists and turns, you never lost your grace.

Lay down in the warm light and wash the anger away.
You better rest your head—while you can.
It may not be as sweet as the last time around.

Now at least you can be sure, there’ve been darker days than this.
Been down as far as a man can go; don’t forget how small you are.
There were never promises—everyone gets what they deserve.
At best there might be half-a-chance so you’ll wanna roll up your sleeves.

You been runnin’ at a fool’s speed for so much longer than you should.
It won’t even get you anywhere that you haven’t already been.
You’re not one to take advice, but you might wanna slow down—before it’s too late.

You gotta make yourself useful if you really wanna call this place home.
It’s not enough just hangin’ around—you’ll find that nothing here is free.
You’ll have to shoulder the weight and work those fingers to the bone.
It doesn’t mean that you won’t break down again—you’re so good at falling apart.

Now lay down.
You better rest your head.


No one has ever seen anything like you before.
Don’t be surprised if—at first—people think that you are dangerous.
Once they see what you can do?—It’ll change everything.
Everything will change.
You will change everything.

You move so fast—you’re outta sight.
If you’d move a little slower, we could get a good look at you
And see what you are made of.

How is it that everything you do looks so easy?
You could prob’ly even do it with your eyes closed.
Go on and show us how you’d do it.

I cannot get you off of my mind—you are irresistible.
Even when I sleep at night, you are in my dreams.
Now I don’t ever wanna wake up.

Not one single detail was ever lost on you.
A masterpiece, a work of art—you are one of a kind.
No one can put a price on you.

One day you will find your way into hands much stronger than mine;
May they keep you safe and hold you up close to the warm light.
But if those hands are cold and followed by darkness,
Then reach out and hold tight onto anything that you can.

No one has ever seen anything like you before.
Don’t be surprised if—at first—people think that you are dangerous.
Once they see what you can do?—It’s gonna change everything.
Everything is gonna change.
So, go on and show us what you can do.
Go on and show us now.
Don’t worry; I promise that everything is gonna be alright.
Don’t worry; I promise that—you—you’re gonna be alright.

(You’re not) Alone in the Universe

Way back in 1977, Voyager sailed into outer space carrying a message buried deep down in the grooves of a golden record.

If I may—If I might—hitch a ride on that satellite, carry me past the moon and stars but don’t stop—no, don’t stop—till we reach the edges of all space and time.

There’s no distance that I won’t go; even billions of miles from home.
If there’s something out there, I wanna be the first to know that we’re not alone in the universe.

When you consider the possibility that the heavens above will be forever out of reach, then you’ll never understand the gravity of existence.
One chance, that’s all we get.
This life—it goes by so fast.

So far we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the staggering discoveries that are waiting to be found.
If there’s something out there, I wanna be the first to know that we’re not alone—that we’re not alone.
I want you to know that you’re not alone in the universe.