Me and Erik Satie

Me and Erik Satie are coming apart at the seams, or so it seems. Maybe he’s just pretending to be unhappy. I don’t know—I’ve never been to Paris.

Now all the lovers have gone off to fight.
Love cannot be bought, though I’ve paid the price for your time.

Every morning he puts on a tattered old suit pulled from a closet filled with more of the same, then grabs an umbrella as he heads out the door for a stroll on the Champs-Élysées. He wants to make it to the banks of the Seine before the rains take the day. To hell with rules and conventions—let them drown in the water and lie there at the bottom like pennies in a well.

The sight of a pastel sunset brings a hint of a smile, but senseless talk from old fools with slippery tongues blurs the view. Shades of browns and greys are the only colors I see.

Three Little Words

A Tremendous Mistake

There was nothing you could ever do that would’ve made me change my mind when I decided—a long time ago—that I would stay with you till the very end. You were not my first choice; that’s an understatement to say the least. It was just easier to stay by your side than from me to admit that I might be making a tremendous mistake.

It’s all right if you don’t keep every little promise that you made. If I’m being completely honest, well, I never really believed anything that you said anyway. I never imagined that we’d make this far? I figured we’d rock the boat a little bit but not sink the ship. Well, here we are, passed the point of no return, and it’s too late to change course.

I was easily charmed—at first—by your unconventional manner and the way that you wore your hair. But now I’m having second thoughts and they are keepin’ me up all night. They’re telling me that I can do better than you—and you know what?—they’re right. Because—the truth is—you don’t have any of the qualities or characteristics that I think are important for a person to have, like common sense, decency, compassion, humility, self-awareness, empathy, kindness, consistency, restraint, integrity, respect, stability, experience, maturity, and—how could I forget—sanity.

Now I worry that you won’t understand when I say “it’s not you, it’s me.” I’ve still got a lotta growing up to do so now it’s time for me to move on; please don’t be angry with me. I don’t ever wanna see you again. Trust me—it’s for the best. You can keep the house—for a little while—just don’t get too comfortable.

From now on

Could it be that what you really need is just a pat on the back?
Well, OK, nice job—way to go.

Or maybe you’re just feeling a little left out?
Oh, well—there’s no way that we could’ve done any of this without you.

So from now on, I promise to say only those things that you really wanna to hear.
I’ll keep sayin’m over- and-over again.
Don’t worry, nah—don’t worry.
I always say the right thing.

Be careful who you are listening to ‘cuz there’s a whole lotta awful people out there claimin’ to have the answers.
They are just a shoutin’ at you.
They’re just a shoutin’ at me, too.
They’re even shoutin’ at each other—it’s a mess.
Anyway—I don’t know, but—I think most of’em are just a bunch of liars; just a bunch of little liars.

As far as I can tell, it looks like they are tryin’ to keep us from that good thing that we’ve been workin’ on.
You know what I’m talkin’ about, right?
They don’t want me gettin’ with you, or—you gettin’ with me too.
We might be dangerous—what do you think about that?

One-by-one and bit-by-little-bit, they will keep comin’ after us until there is no one left.
But it won’t matter, no—it won’t really, really matter because—
You will never run out of all the love that fills you precious little hearts.
I’ll keep saying it over-and-over again, don’t worry.
I’ll be standing right there next to you.
That’s right—I’m on your side.
Don’t you worry, nah—don’t worry.
I will always be on your side.

You and Me

You are gonna be sorry

You are gonna be sorry once you find out
That there’s no one left and now you’re all alone.
When they came for me, you just stepped aside.
You never thought they might be coming for you,
But now you’re day has come.

Still, you can’t believe that you’re in this mess;
It was a capital failure of common sense.
You had the loudest voice that anyone had ever heard, but—you never listen.
No, you never listen.

Stop thinking that you’re innocent.
All your lies—they add up to a weak defense.
And your methods? Oh, your methods, well—they were completely outta line.
And now a change is gonna come,

Somebody’s gonna have to pay for what you’ve done.
Don’t look at me you fool, ‘cuz I ain’t the one.
No, I’m tired of payin’ for the things that you do.
You don’t pay for me. So I ain’t payin’ for you.
Uh uh—not anymore.

I want my money back ‘cuz I ain’t satisfied with you.
I want my money back ‘cuz I still gotta lotta things I wanna do.
I want my money back ‘cuz I got my eyes on a new pair of shoes that I’m prob’ly gonna need once I leave this town.
I want my money back ‘cuz I don’t like the way that you been throwin’ it around.
I want my money back ‘cuz there ain’t nothing here that’s free.

It’s not you they’re afraid of

There will come a time when you need to know what you are made of.
And there will come a time when you just gotta let go of all the things you are afraid of.

I heard the news today, but—I’m not gonna let if get me down. Not anymore.
‘Cuz from now on, I’m not gonna let anyone—or anything—stand in my way.
I’m gonna keep my eyes wide open and hold my hands up high into the air.
I wanna be ready when that good thing comes along.

When you turn on that heart of yours, there’s nothing that I won’t do.
If they come and try to take you, well—they’re gonna have to take me, too.

We gotta shine just a little bit brighter—that’ll make it easier for us to find each other on those dark days.
We gotta work just a little bit harder, so—go a head—roll up your sleeves and grab onto your bootstraps.
We gotta dream like we have never dreamt before and when we wake up—this’ll be a better place for you and me.

Maybe I should’a found the lord instead—goddamn if I didn’t try.
If we come out like lovers, maybe they’ll come out like lovers, too.

Now I don’t know where it is that you come from, how you got here, what you think about anything, or what you believe in—it doesn’t matter.
All I know is that wherever it is that you are—right now—at this very moment, well, that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be—there’s just no way around it.
Yeah, I know that right-here right-now may not be where you really wanna be, but we’ve been here before, so—let’s not be naive.
Maybe we gotta fall down every once in a while—that way we don’t forget what it’s like to have to pull ourselves back up.
I don’t know—I’m just thinking out loud here.

Don’t be surprised if—at first—people think that you are dangerous; it’s not you they’re afraid of.
You move so fast—you’re outta sight—they don’t even know where to find you.
Don’t worry—there’s no need to hide.
They’ll never think to look for you—right here—in the warm light.
Everything is gonna be all right in the warm light.

The Numbers

The Roundup

Have you heard ’bout this crazy new dance called The Roundup?
Oh, no?
Well, uh–
It’s been sweep’n the nation from coast-to-coast, city-to-city, house-to-house, and body-to-body.
They’re doin’ it in Missouri.
They’re doin’ it real good down there in Texas.
It’s happen’n in the sunshine state—even catch’n on over there in the UK, too.

It starts down low in the soles of your feet.
I know you got soul in your feet.
Now step to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right. Now move it up a little—to the middle.
But you gotta fight that feel’n that’s burn’n deep down inside of you and don’t you move those hips.
No, you gotta keep’m straight.
Don’t you move those hips; keep’m straight.
Now, if you’re ready to get your hands dirty,
Then you’re ready to do The Roundup.
Ok, here we go.

If you see someone that doesn’t look like you—round’m up.
We’ll find someplace else to put’m later.
If you hear someone that doesn’t talk like you, oh—you gotta round them up.
We’re gonna send then back to where they come from.
If they don’t love like you, laugh like you, or pray like you;
If they don’t eat like you, drink like you, or taste like you;
If they don’t need, don’t want, don’t give, don’t take, don’t hate like you;
If they don’t read, don’t right, don’t left or right, don’t fight like you Then round’m up.

You gotta round’m up.

My Only Weapon

My voice is my only weapon.
I’ll take any man on.
If you wanna come after me for somethin’ that I have said, well—I suggest that you bring it strong.

‘Cuz I’ve been gettin’ myself ready
By sharpenin’ up my tongue.
I know you’re not the type that takes advice from just anyone.
Some people—they just never learn.

I’m afraid you don’t realize that you’ve already lost the fight because—for you—the truth is so hard to hear.

Is there really any good reason for all the fussing and fighting?
I’m optimistic that we can find a way to work things out.
Maybe we can even be the closest of friends one day.
I will meet you half way—in the middle—if you meet me in the middle, too.

No one will ever accuse you of bein’ short on confidence.
It’s obvious that you really believe all those things that you say.
But you’re so predictable when you get mad it takes all the fun out of it.
Now there’s nothing left for me to do except to watch you unravel all on your own.

The difference between you and me is that I don’t want more than I could ever need—But you?
You’re never satisfied.

The secret to good conversation is in the give-and-take.
And I’m genuinely interested in what’s on your mind.
There will always be a few things that we disagree on,
But I’ll meet you half way—in the middle—if you meet me in the middle, too.