Just because bones can be broken up into tiny little pieces,
It doesn’t mean that we have to fall apart.
With a little time and all your strength, my friend—
The pieces will fit back together again.

No one can ever really know what they are made of
Until they have to carry more than they were made to bear.
You made it look so easy, my friend—
In the way that you shouldered the weight.

Why would anybody ever wanna wake up?
Wake up, wake up, wake up!
Why would anybody ever wanna wake up?
Wouldn’t you rather be dreaming, dreaming, dreaming?
Oh, well I’d rather be dreaming.
Right now, I’m dreaming of a better place for you and me.
It’s a beautiful place.
It’s a place where nothing ever happens,
Because, out there—something always happens.
Somethings always has to happen out there.
So don’t you wake me if I am dreaming.
Let me sleep a little more.

Just like that, the seasons—they come-and-go
And do their best to shake up the roots of the family tree.
It’ll take more than the wind and the rain, my friend—
To knock you down and keep you from ever gettin’ back up again.