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There He Goes

There he goes. That’s my here. He’s not like all the other boys—just look at the size of those guns. He wears’em so well, the way they just cling to his hips. They don’t even move when he walks. It’s like he was just born that way. He steps to the left. He steps to […]

Back In Time

If I could go back in time to that moment that I lost you And stop myself from sayin’ all the wrong things— You know I’d prob’ly just fuck that up, too. I remember trying not to laugh every time that you got mad. I didn’t know that you weren’t trying to funny— Oh, how […]


Just because bones can be broken up into tiny little pieces, It doesn’t mean that we have to fall apart. With a little time and all your strength, my friend— The pieces will fit back together again. No one can ever really know what they are made of Until they have to carry more than […]

Fool’s Speed

How much can you take and still keep coming back for more? Each time, it wears you down, but you are so much stronger than you look. This may come as a surprise—maybe even make you feel better. After all those twists and turns, you never lost your grace. Lay down in the warm light […]


No one has ever seen anything like you before. Don’t be surprised if—at first—people think that you are dangerous. Once they see what you can do?—It’ll change everything. Everything will change. You will change everything. You move so fast—you’re outta sight. If you’d move a little slower, we could get a good look at you […]

(You’re not) Alone in the Universe

Way back in 1977, Voyager sailed into outer space carrying a message buried deep down in the grooves of a golden record. If I may—If I might—hitch a ride on that satellite, carry me past the moon and stars but don’t stop—no, don’t stop—till we reach the edges of all space and time. There’s no […]