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Me and Erik Satie

Me and Erik Satie are coming apart at the seams, or so it seems. Maybe he’s just pretending to be unhappy. I don’t know—I’ve never been to Paris. Now all the lovers have gone off to fight. Love cannot be bought, though I’ve paid the price for your time. Every morning he puts on a […]

A Tremendous Mistake

There was nothing you could ever do that would’ve made me change my mind when I decided—a long time ago—that I would stay with you till the very end. You were not my first choice; that’s an understatement to say the least. It was just easier to stay by your side than from me to […]

From now on

Could it be that what you really need is just a pat on the back? Well, OK, nice job—way to go. Or maybe you’re just feeling a little left out? Oh, well—there’s no way that we could’ve done any of this without you. So from now on, I promise to say only those things that […]

You are gonna be sorry

You are gonna be sorry once you find out That there’s no one left and now you’re all alone. When they came for me, you just stepped aside. You never thought they might be coming for you, But now you’re day has come. Still, you can’t believe that you’re in this mess; It was a […]

It’s not you they’re afraid of

There will come a time when you need to know what you are made of. And there will come a time when you just gotta let go of all the things you are afraid of. I heard the news today, but—I’m not gonna let if get me down. Not anymore. ‘Cuz from now on, I’m […]

The Roundup

Have you heard ’bout this crazy new dance called The Roundup? Oh, no? Well, uh– It’s been sweep’n the nation from coast-to-coast, city-to-city, house-to-house, and body-to-body. They’re doin’ it in Missouri. They’re doin’ it real good down there in Texas. It’s happen’n in the sunshine state—even catch’n on over there in the UK, too. It […]

My Only Weapon

My voice is my only weapon. I’ll take any man on. If you wanna come after me for somethin’ that I have said, well—I suggest that you bring it strong. ‘Cuz I’ve been gettin’ myself ready By sharpenin’ up my tongue. I know you’re not the type that takes advice from just anyone. Some people—they […]