Music composed and performed by Keith Leslie.
Engineered and Mixed by Ben Price at Studilaroche in Atlanta, GA.


Keith Leslie is an artist, composer, music educator, and piano technician.
He lives in the Americas.

Dear visitor,

I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’re doing well. I’m doing OK.

The Warm Light is a collection of songs for piano and voice. That seems like a fair and simple enough description, though arguably not very interesting. Perhaps it’d be a little better to say that TWL is a bunch of songs that I play on a piano while at the same time I open up my mouth and sing/shout/mumble some words which may or may not be loosely connected to one another.

I hope you enjoy the songs that are currently available. More songs will be uploaded soon. I mean, like, really soon. After those songs, more songs. My intention with TWL is that it continue to grow, to see what comes of it, and do so until it feels like the need or urge is no longer there.

Thank you for listening,